Armageddon 2K2
December 15,2K2-Fort Lauderdale,FL
Fatal 4-way Elimination Tag Team Title Match- The Dudley Boyz vs. Lance Storm & William Regal vs. Booker T & Goldust vs. Christian & Chris Jericho.

 This is a 3-fall match for the Tag Team Titles. The 2 teams that start the match were determined backstage via a coin toss and they are Lance Storm and Bubba Ray Dudley. Lance Storm gets an early advantage as Bubba delivers a retaliatory shot to William Regal on the apron, by delivering forearms to the face. When Lance attempts an Irish whip, it was reversed by Bubba; Lance would leap over a charging Bubba, who once again delivers a shot to Regal in the corner and knocking him to the floor. Bubba whips Lance into the corner after punching his way out of the same corner and connecting with an avalanche splash to Storm. Lance makes his way to Christian and tags him in, but Bubba would bring Christian in over the top rop with a hairgrab takeover. Christian is backed into the Dudleys corner where D-Von receives the tag and the Dudley Boyz deliver a flapjack; allowing D-Von to get a near fall. Christain gains seperation and tags in William Regal who is met with a reverse elbow and an elbowdrop after bouncing from the ropes by D-Von, the later move results in a two-count.

  D-Von tags in Goldust and Regal fights off his nemesis and connects with a verticl suplex and a clothesline to the back of Goldust's head, delivered after bouncing off the ropes. Christian tags himself in when Regal bounced of the ropes, so the pin cover on Goldust would not be legal for Regal. This allowed Christian to back Goldust into his corner and tag in Y2J. Jericho's Irish whip is countered and his dropkick was caught by Goldust, who catapaults Y2J over the top rope and brings him back in with a vertical suplex, gaining a near fall on the  exchange. Goldust whips Jericho but Goldie is met with a kick to the face and a flying forearm, thus allowing Jericho to tag in his partner Christian. Christian executes a trio of arm wrenches before Goldust counters with a side headlock and after being whipped to the ropes, Goldie delivers a shoulderblock and an inverted atomic drop, which is quickly followed by a hard clothesline for a near fall. Goldust tags in Bubba Ray and both men whip Christian to the ropes and connects with double reverse elbows; shortly thereafter Jericho charges at the two men and Y2J is met with double chops. Bubba and Goldust execute a stereo flip, flop and fly to the tag champs; Goldust connects to Christian while Bubba Ray delivers the move to Y2J. Lance Storm and William Regal charge in while they celebrate only to be met with bionic elbows in stereo, Goldust hits Lance and William Regal is hit by Bubba. Bubba scoop slams Christian and D-Von lands the wassup headbutt, immediately tries calling for the table but that is interrupted quickly by all 8 men being in the ring. When all of the illegal entrants leave the ring; Christian and D-Von remain and D-Von reverses Christians Irish whip to the ropes. Bubba enters and the Dudley Boyz connect the 3-D on Christian, just before the Dudleys hit their trademark finishing move, WIlliam Regal tags himself in which proves significant. Bubba covers Christain for the apparent pin, the problem is Christain is no longer the legal participant. So Lance Storm climbs to the top turnbuckle and executes a legdrop to Bubba Ray which was necessary to break up the cover so Regal can roll up Bubba Ray. Each man would reverse the other with finally Regal grabbing the shorts Of Bubba to gain the pin. Goldust comes in and Regal reverses the whip and sends Goldust to the ropes where he is met by a kick by Lance Storm. This has virtualluy no effect on Goldust who delivers a powerslam to Regal as he charges in and Goldie scores a pinfall. This makes two falls within a minute of each other where the rest of the match to this point had none. This leaves the champs vs. Booker T and Goldust and Y2J charges in only to be tossed over the top rope by Goldust and Booker T chases him on the outside of the ring.

 Y2J slides under the bottom rope right into a butt bump by Goldust who takes control of Y2J and tags in Booker T, his first legal action of the match. Booker starts with uppercuts and connects with a leg lariat for a two-count. Jericho finally gets to back Booker T into a corner and whips him to the opposite one, but when he charges in he is met with a reverse elbow by Booker T. Goldust is tagged in and both men whip Jericho to the ropes. Goldust catches Jericho in an inverted atomic drop position while Booker T connects with a heel kick, resulting in a near fall which Christian came in and broke up. Jericho delivers a low drop kick to Goldust and tags in Christian and after a trio of kicks whips Goldust to the ropes. Christian sets to early and allows Goldust to deliver a thrust slap to the face of Christian from the mat. Goldust would attemt two clotheslines on Christian, missing on both, and would attempt a cross body but noone was there. Goldust's own momentum takes him out of the ring and on the floor where Y2J would whip him into the steel steps and attack him with a flag before sending him in the ring. Christian delivers a hip pointer for a two-count, which Booker T came in to break up. Christian applies an adominal stretch, which he ends by slamming Goldust to the mat with a hairgrab takeover. Jericho is tagged in and starts juking and jiving until Goldust delivers a hard clothesline.

  Christain charges in ang knocks Booker T off the apron before Goldust could make the tag, allowing a double team when he slides in under the bottom rope and referee Nick Patrick escorts him back to his corner. Christain comes in and backs Goldust into their corner and slaps him in the face twice, which wakes him up because he delivers 2 reverse elbows to each adversary and catches a charging Christain with a driving chokeslam. Both teams make tags and Booker T cooks after being reversed into the ropes. He connects on Y2J with a flying forearm, a thrust kick to Christain when he enters in from the outside. Y2J then whips Booker T into the corner but float over Y2J and executes a reverse rollup or otherwise known as a Jack Brisco Rollup; resulting in a near fall. Jericho gets up in the corner and Booker T alternates chops and chest slaps until Jericho traps Booker T with a sleeping neckbreaker, all posible by Christain slowing down Booker T enough for Y2J to utulize the maneauver and score a near fall. Booker reverses Y2J's whip and misses him on a clothesline attempt, which Y2J tries to take advantage of with The Walls Of Jericho and is counteredwith an inside cradle for a near fall. Booker T would try toconnect with his scissors kick, Christain causes him to take extra time allowing Y2J to duck out. Booker would catch Y2J bouncing off the ropes in a spinebuster hold, but Jericho rolled out hte back and applies The Walls Of Jericho sucessfully, which Goldust had to break up the hold with a bulldog headlock because Jericho pulled Booker T into the center of the ring when he was inches away from making the ropes. Christain would climb the ropes with the title belt in his hand but Goldust dives on the ropes, causing Christain to loose his balance and drop the belt in the ring near the corner. Goldust is tossed through the middle rope by Y2J and Booker sends Y2J into his tag team partner, who is pearched on the turnbuckle. The collision knocks Christain to the floor and Jericho to walk into a roundhouse heel kick, resulting in a near fall. Booker T climbs the turnbuckle and drops Y2J off the ropes. Booker's missle dropkick connects and scores a near fall. After backing Y2J into the corner, Booker tries to whip him across the ring but is reversed and Y2J scores with the bulldog. His attempt at the lionsault was altered at the last moment when he saw Booker T roll out of the way, so Y2J landed on his feet. That turned out unfortunate for Jericho because he walked into a one-man flapjack. Following the spinarooni, Booker connets with the scissors kick. Christain distracts referee Nick Patrick but Goldust knocks him to the floor. The distraction was long enough for Jericho to regroup and kick out at two. Christain enters the ring illigaly but not for long as he is doubleclotheslined over the top rope. While the referee was trying to escort Goldust out of the ring, Jericho uses the title belt on Booker T and the lionsault, meanwhile Christain pulls Goldust out of the ring. The shot must not of ben enough as Booker T would kick out at two. Jericho would push the referee out of the way and try to use the title again, but this was his undoing as Booker T caught a charging Y2J in The Book End to gain a pinfall and win the tag titles. To think Goldust 6 days ago told Booker T he was the weak link and suggested he get himself a new partner but Booker believed in Goldie and made him change his mind. Goldie finally wins the tag championship; personally, I would have liked Y2J to hold on to them a bit longer.