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There are to date only 3 Fozzy albums released and through 2 recording studios labels. The self-titled album was released in 2K, by Megaforce Records Inc. A 10-track masterful arrangement of metallic genius; this shows the microphone talents of Y2J. He can go in a high pitch tone as in "Stand Up And Shout" to comical as in the dialouge in "The Prisoner" One of my favorite albums to date in any genre or artist. The linear notes are an interesting read as Chris {Moongoose} decides to make reference to one of his {Y2J's} catchlines in "junior". He also tells Chris Jericho in the "Fozzy Would Not To Thank" segment to quit stealing his ideas from the band.  Stealing ideas, like "break down the walls", who's on first;  who's stealing from whom? Besides, there's a candy resembleance between Y2J and Moongoose; don't you agree.

1- Stand Up And Shout- This track was recorded live in concert. This is a cover to the '83 Dio version.
2- Eat The Rich- Makes me want to order a money sandwich, and please hold Eddy. No, this isn't the Aerosmith cover, try Krokus from '82.
3- Stay Hungry- Another song for consumption of food after listening to this track. The group who is famous for "We're Not Gonna Take It, Twisted Sister, this '84 cover is riveting.
4- The Prisoner- This track features a dialogue intro where true Jerichoholics and Fozzyholics alike can tell it really is Y2J in the band. The line "I'm not a number, I'm a free man" is very true and inspiring to all. The cover of Iron Maiden's '82 song is well performed.
5- Live Wire- Mötley Crüe did the original version in '81. Interestingly enough, this is one of the groups Fozzy claims "stole their songs and made them their own"
#6- End Of Days-
7- Over The Mountain- Can you say Ozzy Osbourne? '81 cover of the clasic metal master, this mastery is woth the price of admission the CD to own this song.
8- Blackout- Scorpions originated this enlightening song back in '82.
#9- Feel The Burn- This track features a mixture of
10- Riding On The Wind- Judas Priest in '82 is where we travel for this song in the original form.
With the tracks on this album, its an improbability to pick a favorite. I can't put a finger on just one. Hell, I like them all equally.

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