Friend or Foe by leftyquit
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 Hosted by Kennedy, contestants on this show must first be paired up by vote. If more than one person votes is picked, that person chooses their partner. The object is to answer questions correctly.{No duh,leftyquit, we already knew that} Well, what's the object of gameshows in general? Hit yourself on the head? I beg to differ. Anywayz, there are four questions in the first two rounds. Teams have to agree on an answer, then lock it in. In each round, a team is eliminated by having the lowest score in the round. The tiebreaker changes from round to round. The first round, provided each team answered at least one question correctly, the quickness in the answer gets them to advance. In the second round and if the teams that are tied haven't gotten a question right, they have a bonus question for no money. Team who gets it correct, or in the event both teams answer correctly, the team that answers correctly advances. In the final round, the remaining team gets 1minute to answer 10 questions correctly. If they miss a question, they get a strike. As in baseball, 3 strikes and the round is over. When the teams are eliminated from play, that's when they decided how to divide the dough, friend or foe; just as the title suggests. If they both vote foe, neither player gets any money, a split vote results in foe winning all the money, while both voting friends results in sharing the money down the middle. I feel too many people let greed get the best of them and go for the entire pot instead of just half, which I believe is all they deserve. This is the basic description of the game play of this exciting new game from Game Show Network. Enjoy playing and chime in on the poll below to leave your thoughts. Have fun and see you @ GSN.COM