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Page created on:09/10/2K2 12:00edt
 As I was visiting the forums at gameshow earlier this morning and was interrupted By a friend of mine,insulting my favorite football team. Well, while I contemplated with how to give the interactive gamer some use of this site, I  decided to add the game pages to this site. Inside these pages you'll find informative data about my views of each of the interactive games that are played at Which leads to the poser of whether the Lingo Interactive game should include a question mark {?} ball. I included a poll on my forum so you can vote your opinion as well. On top of my boredom, and my value to the gameshows, I hope to play with you on gameshow network. The Logo at the top of this page will direct you to the home page of my site and the table on the left is devoted to all of you game show lovers all over. Good Luck to all and enjoy my site. Also there's a guest book and a guest map 4 you to sign. members just use your username in name space and I'll look for you at the gameshow leader on the net.

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