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 In Memory of Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig 1958-2003. R.I.P.
Welcome to the I-Quit Is Jericho web site. This site is a fan site dedicated to your party host, Y2J, the ayatollah of rock n rolla, Chris Jericho. For information on what you will be introduced to on this site Click Here!Æ Don't forget to visit my contact and inquiries pageÆ and sign my guestbook{You know you wanna. Do us a favor and put your 2 cents in. Everybody must have an opinion in one facet or another.} Tell your friends also to visit my site. Also, as a time saver, you can enter: http://clix.to/y2bob. If you want a page by page  description, click on the links under the date at the top of the page.Click on the appropriate link for where you want to go, or click on the banner to return to this page. Enjoy. Visit every page, you'll never know where a poll might be.
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