Judgement Day 2K2

May 19,2K2-Nashville,TN
Hell in The Cell #6- Triple H vs. Chris Jericho
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  This match was made by Smackdown Chairman Vince McMahon, the 1st Hell in a cell match since December 2K, a 17 month lay-off. Triple H starts hammering on Y2J with rights until Y2J counters and returns the favor. The game then hits Y2J with a high knee and a back body drop, after The game beat down Y2J in the corner, Triple H tosses Y2J over the top rope and onto the floor. Both men try to drive the other's head into the cell, but each attempt was blocked and Jericho rolls back into the ring. After a right hand by the Game, he sends Jericho to the ropes, only to be greated by a flying elbow of  Y2J. Jericho then mounts over his opponet and chokes him. After chops by Y2J in the corner was reversed by right hands of The Game, Y2J send him to the corner. He charges to deliver a shoulder to the gut but The Game moves out of the way and Y2J's shoulder meets the steel pole and lands on the outside of the ring. Finally Triple H suceeds in driving Y2J's head into the cell. The Game repeats and the third time he whips Jericho's back off the cell and follows up with a clothesline. Jericho crawls in the ring after receiving a right hand to the head from Triple H, only to have his head slammed off the top turnbuckle and get introduced to a  pair of shortarm clotheslines, followed by a suplex, which results in a two-count. Then Jericho sends The Game over the top rope with an irish whip reversal of Triple H's. After Jericho irish whiped The Game into the cell, The Game counters Y2J's 2nd attempt and sends him into the steel ring steps. The Game attempts a piledriver on the steps but Y2J counters it with a catapault to the cell face first. Jericho pulls a ladder from underneath the ring and rams it into the face of The Game, then grades Triple H's head on te cell. Upon the return of the ring, Y2J again rams the ladder to Triple H's head and sets it into the corner, where he sends The Game in to the ladder face first via an irish whip. The Game lands outside the ring and Y2J throws the ladder on him and bounces his head off the ring steps. The Game fights back but Y2J still manages to whip his face into the cell. Jericho brings the ladder back into the ring but Triple H was armed with a steel chair and swings it on the ladder and into Y2J. After a chair shot to the back of Y2J from Hunter, Y2J recovers and bulldogs the face of Hunter off the ladder and retrieves the steps from the outside of the ring. Y2J tries to charge the steps to the face of Triple H but The Game counters with a drop toe hold and the face of Y2J bounces off them. The Game follows that up with a facebuster and then he throws the steps into Jericho's arm and sends Y2J out of the ring. Upon leaving the ring,Triple H javelines Y2J's head into the cell and Y2J bounces of the ring post, then Triple H bounces Y2J's head of the steel steps. Both men return to the ring and Triple H sends Y2J with a fi=ull head of steam into referee Tim White, sending Tim White facefirst into the cell. Y2J hits The Game with a chair shot to the head and goes for the cover but Tim White is out on the outside. Jericho goes out to the fallen referee and whips him into the cell. Jericho returns to the ring only to be met by a spinebuster from Triple H. Jericho then attempts to hit Tyhe Game with a chair but he counters it by kicking the chair into Y2J's face. Triple H retrieves a sledgehammer and delivers a  shot to Y2J's face and covers him but no official to count the fall. Y2J crawls out of the cell, which the lock was cut off with bolt cutters by the officials to aid referee Tim White, and slams the door of the cell to Triple H. Both men make to the announc tables, and Y2J puts Triple H on it and attempts the pedigree, but The Game fights out an delivers a ddt to Y2J on the announce table.  As Y2J struggles to get up, Triple H then finds a 2x4 with barbed wire. Y2J then climbs to the top of the cell and Triple H follows with the 2x4. When Triple H reaches the top Jericho picks up the barbed wire and hits Triple H, first on the head, then a shot ot the back. Jericho then applies The Walls of Jericho and Mike Chiota climbs up to the top of the cell to see if Triple H will tap out or not. Triple H grabs onto a support beam and powers Jericho of him. Jericho goes for the 2x4 but The Game delivers a low blow. He attempts the pedigree, only to counter it with a backdrop. Triple H grabs the 2x4 with barbed wire and hits Y2J in the head and Triple H covers him, but only gets a two-count. Triple H connects with the pedigree and gains the fall with the pin on the top of the cell.