Larger Than Life Living Legend Chris Jericho
Who can make the claim of legendary status in the WWE?  Names like Hogan and Flair come to mind quickly in recent history, but neither have won as many different champions as the Larger than Life Living Legend Chris Jericho, Y2J. He was the first person in history to win the Intercontinental Title, the European Title, the Tag-Team Title, the Hardcore Title and the two world titles that constituted the Undisputed WWE Title {Kurt Angle has duplicated that feat but after Y2J accomplished it}. He may have been the 3rd person in the history of the WWE to win the Grand Slam, but the only one to add the Hardcore Title to that resume. Not even Shawn Michaels, nor Chris Benoit have held the ECW Hardcore Championship; though a defense to HBK--- The Haz Been Kid; he wasn't wrestling when the Hardcore Championship was around,he was out with back problems.