Lingo by leftyquit
09/10/2K2 14:42edt
 Lingo is one of my favorite word games of all time. It has the taste of Scrabble, only limited to a maximum of five-letters. What I feel that is missing from the interactive version is the question mark ball. In round 2, the players on the air may select a number they want when the pick the question mark ball. I feel it is a good idea to add it to the players of he internet as it will increase chances for forming lingos; thereby increasing scores as well. We all lose points when we draw stoppers, so why not add ? balls to the mix? I do like the other versions of the other games, the links are on the left, and they will be dealt with individually. But if the enjoyment of mixing the game of bingo and the use of everyday words give you a thrill, then continue to play Lingo on the gameshow leader,
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How many Word games has Chuck Woolery hosted?

Answer: 3{Scrabble, Wheel Of Fortune & Lingo}