Anybody remembers Happy Days and the opening theme performed by Bill Haley & His Comets, dubbed "Rock Around The Clock", can then attest to the genre that was formed in the mid '50's as on of the best genres for sound ever created. That was the 1st song I ever listened to, even though it was a theme song for a tv show. I wasn't big on who did what until recently, but that was one song I could never forget. Our party host on his links page list his favorite groups by links, probably inspiring to get involve in music in the first place. So read my favorite bands and songs, expierience them for yourself and compare the diverseness between tastes people have.

Heavy Metal:
Fozzy- Well for ovious reasoning of loyality to the thesus of this website; the man dubbed The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla; his performances on the songs I have heard is enjoyable to me and makes some of the metal groups easier to listen to and comprehend what they are singing.
Metallica- An almost no-brainer here. Enter Sandman--- need I say more.
Lacuna Coil- An Italian metal group. Well can't get much better than that. The lead singer is female and still gets the message across... how cool.
Flaw- Inspired by a friend of mine, this group can really go hardcore in a heartbeat.
Twisted Sister- The host of House of Hair can
Others to be added soon.

Rock {Hard}
Bon Jovi- Jon writes all the music, plays guitar and sings unparallel to anyone. Still can go strong.
AC/DC- Argue the fact that they hold the 5th highest selling album in history {Back In Black; double diamond at over 20 million and counting} how can you disagree that they are without a doubt one of the best rock groups in recent history.
Van Halen- Great songs and even better guitar play from Eddie.

Huey Lewis And The News- Power Of Love, Back To The Future. Need any other reason why this song went to number1?
Billy Joel- A shoe in for his songwritting and performing abillity.
Simple Plan- Great sound in their work.
Bryan Adams- Summer Of '69 was the first in a long line of this Canadian's legendary songs that I have taken a liking to. Summer reminds me of the 5 & 10 I used to work in.
Cyndi Lauper- Regardless of the spelling in her name; intentionally spelled this way or accidentially used and stuck from childhood, this vixen of a diva who was protected by WWE Hall-Of-Famer Hulk Hogan {Terry Bollea} can real rock you with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or The Goonies 'R Good Enough.
Whatever You Call It??!!
Michael Jackson- Put him in pop, rock, r & b or wherever the you know he belongs.  Thriller remains his best offering, a classic even 25 years later.