No Mercy 2K2

October 20,2K2-Little Rock,AR

 6 days ago the Canadians, Chris Jericho and Christian won the World Tag Team Titles from Kane & The Hurricane and after that match this match was made by Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff. Booker T and Goldust will try to win the tag team titles together for the 1st time as they lost at Summerslam. This time can the odd couple{gee, I thought that was Al Snow and Steve Blackman's nickname?} of the WWE win the tag titles of Raw? The match begins with Christian and Booker T as Booker T wanted Y2J but proving the fact that he isn't a sucka. Who's the sucka now Book? Anyways, back to the match. The champs are knocked around early and often in the beginning, kicks to Christian by both Goldust and Booker T resulted in Chris Jericho receiving a tag from Christian but the result was similar. After Goldust delivering butt bumps to both Jericho and Christian, Goldust clotheslines Christian over the top and catapults Jericho to his partner Christian. Goldust mounts Jericho in the corner but Christians hangs him up on the top rope allowing Jericho to deliver a dropkick and scoring a two-count. Jericho and Christian tags in and out; Christian connected with a side russian leg sweep and a near fall. As Goldust crawled near his partner, Christian charged in and knocked Booker T from the apron and Christian tagged in. Goldust fight back as he rolled up Christian when Christian went for a dropkick and no one was there and was powerslamed after kicking out. Jericho receives a tag and when he attempt to cut Goldust off from Booker T, he receives a neckbreaker from Goldust and tags in Booker T. Booker T hits Jericho with kicks and punches and misses on a scissors kick but gets a near fall when he connects with a spinebuster. After a roll up near fall by Booker T, he then attempt a scissors kick on Jericho again, but Christian from the outside pulls Jericho from harms way which tangles Booker T with the top rope. The Canadians then try to double team Booker T but when Booker T bounces off the ropes, Goldust blind tags himself in and Booker T connects with a doubkle clothesline. Goldust delivers the shattered dreams to Christian and drops toe hold Jericho to Christian who was pearched in the corner. After a near fall from a roll up, Goldust sets Jericho up in his curtain call but Jericho counters and traps Goldust in the Walls of Jericho. Booker T saves his partner and hits a scissors kick to Jericho, finally, but Christian breaks up the pin attempt and Booker T hits a drop kick from the top rope on Jericho; who celebrates with his spinaroni. Christian brings the title into the ring but Booker T knocks him off the apron. Jericho would attempt his springboard dropkick to Booker T, but the middle rope broke and Goldust uses a bulldog to gain a near fall as Christian places Y2J's foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Booker T chases Christian out of the ring and Jericho would bulldog Goldust on the title belt and by instinct go for his lionsault. Guess what, the rope is broke. So Jericho stopped and was trying to leap on the top rope but realized the ropes wasn't sturdy enough for that so he cautiously climbed to the top and delivered a moonsault to win and retain the tag titles. Improvising when materials supplied don't work; that's what makes Jericho a superb performer and entertainer.