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Austin's Invitation Back to Raw?
 Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff posed an interesting point concerning the winner of the Raw Superstar of the Decade, The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin; wasn't invited to the 10th anniversary of Raw. Due to his walk out on the WWE back in June, there is no explanation of Steve Austin's departure from The Rattlesnake own words and reasons for leaving. So Bischoff has sent out a verbal invitation to The Texas Rattlesnake to come back home to Raw at No Way Out on February 23rd. IN addition; the upcoming Raw Magazine will have an interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin in his own words why he walked out on Vince McMahon in the first place. So get out your personal copies of Austin 3:16 and prepare the unwritten chapters that many have thought were closed out of the book of Austin, which many have thought it was finished forever.  Austin has many contributions with WWE and many memorable moments on Raw and now he may be back to make some more upon his return to Raw as he should accept it without hesitation. So tune in to No Way Out to see if he does indeed accepts Eric Bischoff's invitation back home to the show he built and paved the way for so many superstars that came into the WWE after his arrival.

 Mr. Perfect Passes Away at The Age of 44
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 Mr. Perfect, also known as Curt Hennig; passed away in a Tampa hotel room on Monday. Official cause of death has not been announced as of yet, but initial speculation is that he had overdosed on a drug. Perfect was a 2-time WWE Intrercontinental Champion, before he departed to the now defunct WCW in what was a buisness decision to leave the WWE  for more money and a better work schedule for his family. Perfect would return in the 2002 Royal Rumble, initially for a one night stint, but was immediately signed for a contract after a strong showing in the main event match. Despite his leaving the WWE in the mid '90's, he always considered the WWE home. In May of 2002, after a PPV in England, Mr. Perfect would get in an altercation with Brock Lesnar; which ultimately resulted in his last stint with the WWE. He was supposedly suspended for 6 months for his instigation a fistfight with Brock, which started in a dispute in who was the better ameteur wrestler. Brock and Curt{Hennig} both come from similar backgrounds. Both were ameture wrestlers before turning pro, both were born in Minnesota, both were good mat technicians, and both were NCAA wrestlers. In an interview with Perfect while on suspension, he stated he would welcome the manager's position of Brock, despite the history on the plane ride home. Curt would perform in the promotion of Jimmy Hart upto his death on February 10th and would be missed dearly by his peers, family, friends and not least the fans that supported him throughout his career. I hope the best for the Hennig family through their hardship with the passing of Curt.
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