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 Raw Is Jericho Again
   Remember this date in Wrestling and WWE history- July 29,2002; The return of Raw Is Jericho. Besides the return of Chris Jericho to Raw, The anti-Americans returned to Raw as they were the ones who left in Bischof's limo Thursday night. He comes back to the program which made Raw Is Jericho a household phrase. The return was following the match between The Rock and The Nature Boy Ric Flair.  Ric Flair was about to address the crowd after the match when Y2J puts a hault to Flair's intentions. Interview interruptus strikes again,. as Y2J hits Flair with a vile chair shot in the face and says that the only announcment that matters is that from this moment on... Raw Is Jericho.

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 Kane Returns
   The Un-Americans Test, Lance Storm and Christian have taken their antics too far. They have taken the American flag and turned it upside down. Now they went too far by taking the flag and burning it with a blow torch, a red white and blue colored blow torch nonetheless. Every effort was tried the week before to burn it as the American Bad Ass, the Undertaker came out to twart their evil intentions. This week it seemed that the Un-Americans had things all planned out. 3 Booker T. and Goldust tried to stop their actions but Lance Storm and Christian put a stop to their attemp to stop the flag from being burnt.