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Page Updated October 18,2K2 17:38 p.m.
  Stephanie McMahon's Smackdown has been without a tag team title since The Un-Americans departed to Raw back in late July. 3 weeks prior to No Mercy, Stephanie announces she will be releasing a new Title at No Mercy for Smackdown. This Title will be known as the WWE Tag Team Title. Unlike Eruic Bischoff's newly unveiled title; The World Heavvyweight Title, Stephanie will hold a tournament to award the first winner of this championship.The existing tag titles on Raw are now known as the World Tag Titles as Chris Jericho and Christian has just won them from Kane and The Hurricane this past Monday.                                                                                                                                                                     

Page Updated October 24,2K2 20:08 p.m
 Monday night on Raw Eric Bischoff warned Big Show to never put his hands on him again like he did the night  before at No Mercy the previouis night. The results for his actions was simple a three-on-one handicapped match against Rico and the three minute warning Rosie and Jamal. Oh yeah that'll teach that big giant who stands in at 7'2",500lbs.Well that's what Bischoff thought untill the giant manhandled all three of his nemisis and won the match single-handedly. The thanks he got after the match was to pack his bags because Eric just traded him to Smackdown. We still dont know the details of the trade but I speculate Batista is either the person who was traded to Raw for The Big Show or part of the deal. As soon as the parties involved has been announced, I will finish this report, so stay tuned.

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 The Intercontoinental Title Is No More
23 years of Intercontinental Title History came to an end at No Mercy as The Intercontinental Champion Kane and The World Heavyweight Champion Triple H met in a winner takes all match that Eric Bischoff made not long after Unforgiven. Pat Patterson was the first ever Intercontinental Title Champion and many have held that title in its illustrious history. Names like current superstars like Chris Jericho, Triple H {Hunter Hearst Helmsley}, Jeff Jarrett,and Shawn Michaels to name a few multi-time holders. Bischoff makes the claim one show, one champion so he retired the belt, making this the third title belt he retired, first the European Title, then the Hardcore Title. Now those two I can live with, but to retire the Intercontinental strap, now I feel he is going too far. But maybe it is for the best as there's really no reason to have the IC or European Titles anymore as there are two brands, Raw & Smackdown.