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Page Updated November 20,2K2 14:38 p.m.
D'Von Returns to Raw and Reunites with Brothers
 The trade for the Big Show has still not been defined as of yet, but assumingly D'Von's return to Raw to team up with his half-brothers Spike and Bubba Ray Dudley on Raw November 18,2K2; only speculates he is part of the trade. The possibillity of Bubba Ray and D'Von to become a dominate tag team in the WWE and epecially exclusive to Raw, is very likely now more than ever. The inclusion of 6-man tag teams aren't out of the question either. The Dudleyz are the only team to win all three major promotions tag team titles.{The ECW, WCW and WWE} Although the wars between the Hardyz and Edge and Christian are long over for now; since Edge and Matt Hardy are still on the Smackdown roster, there is still members of tag teams they still have competed against on Raw. I see in some near future that the Dudleyz will again reign as tag team champions, as the number of singles titles have went down significantly. So every Monday night, get prepared for Bubba Ray to tell his half-brother,"D'Von, get the tables."

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