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D-Generation X Reborn!!
Triple H & Shawn Michaels, The Game & The  Heartbreak KId respectfully,  officially reformed the faction known as D-X for short on Monday. The reunification was forseeable in recent weeks as both Shawn and Hunter did the patented X-chops in the past few weeks. The signifying trademark of D-X of old was prevelent in the SHawn Michaels- Mr. McMahon match at Judgement Day. Leaping 20 feet from the elevated perched position atop of the ladder, Shawn signaled the D-X chop before executing an elbow drop to Vince, who was spawled out on a table. The official reunion was sparked by a series of shananigins all night long.

 Chris Jericho Stars In Android Apocolypse
Page Updated July 2,2006
Chris Jericho stars in the Sci-Fi CHannel's made for cable movie Android Apocolypse