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Page Updated July 25,2K1 01:38 p.m.
The Rock Returns to WWE?!!

   Monday July 23,2001 will be a date many Rocky and WWE fans will mark on their calendars for very good cause. This is the day Vince McMahon has announced the reinstatement of The Rock from his suspension. He was suspended to protect himself from Stone Cold Steve Austin the Smackdown! after Wrestlemania. We all know by now he took a leave to film his new movie. I predict that the Rock will accept his offer from Vince so he can once again claim the WWE Title, which is currently around the waist of The Rattlesnake.

In other events also surrounding the Rattlesnake, Austin joined The WCW/ECW alliance after Invasion, marking the first time The WWE Title has left the federation in its existence.  Anyway, Austin should leave the heel bit to Triple H as Austin makes a lousy,repetitive heel. Even Triple H came up with new sayings from time to time. Come off the "My name is Stone Cold Steve Austin and I don't deserve to be treated this way." As Austin used to say:"If anybody reading this statement thinks Stone Cold should give up on this line; give me a Hell Yeah!" Oh, hell yeah, indeed!

Please visit this page again soon as I will continue to update with the latest happenings around The WWE in the near future.