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Kurt Angle Wins The WCW Championship From Booker T
  In a match booked by Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle was to take on Booker T for his WCW Title. When Angle initially challenged The Texas Rattlesnake, but the yellow-bellied Texan said not tonight. So he turned to Booker T and said that Booker T will defend his Title against Angle. Austin also said that Angle said he can beat that sucka' anytime, so the match was official.
  The match was the main-event of the evening. We have grown accustom to Austin antics of late, and they may come to play later. The match starts out one-on-one, like all title defenses are. Angle came into the ring pumped and fired up to take the WCW Title. Angle started, in front of his home town fans of Pittsburgh,PA with a series of right hands to the face of Booker T, then a back drop, but even a whip to the corner didn't stop Angle as he clotheslines the champion. He slams him face-first, then applies the Ankle lock, but Booker T reaches the ropes. Angle keeps on the champion outside the ring until he takes Booker T back in the ring and hits a suplex. Then he made a mistake where Booker gets a two-count on Angle. Booker tries to keep his title by fighting Angle outside the ring by sending him over the security rail and into the steel steps. After going back into the ring and getting another two-count on Angle, he applies a reverse chin lock, as Angle breaks out Booker T connects with a spine buster and another two-count. Then, Angle connects with a belly-to-belly suplex, only to score a two-count. After hitting a superplex off the top rope and recovering himself, Our Olympic Hero rolls into the cover, only to have the referee on the outside trying to restore order between the charging WWE and Alliance members from interfering in the match. It worked all but one Alliance member, Kanyon, who hit Angle with a steel chair in the back. This must have been the work of that damn Rattlesnake to help Booker T to retain his title. After the brawl between federations breaks off Booker T crawls into the cover and got only two. Then after Booker T hits a spinning heel kick he still only yields two off of Angle. After Booker T knocks out the referee and missing with the scissors kick, Angle hits the Angle Slam but only to be introduced to the stunner from the Rattlesnake. He then tried to get Booker up and as Austin had his back to the ring and the ref was making it back to his feet, Booker T slowly walks over to cover Angle only to be caught in the Ankle lock and subsequently submit the title to the Olympic Gold Medalist to bring the WCW Title over to the WWE! Congratulations to Angle.
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