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WWE Or WCW/ECW Alliance, Which Will The Rock Allign Himself With?
  If you were a McMahon on Monday night, then you were limo waiting for the Rock's most anticipated return to WWE television for the first time since his suspension from the WWE 4 months ago. His last appearance was the Raw Is War right after Wrestlemania when he was beaten up by Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H trying to reclaim the WWE title he lost to the Rattlesnake the previous night in Houston,Texas. now why none of the Macs didn't use their head and think like "Rocky" for a split-second; then maybe they could have been the first to welcome him back, and that would be admirring the "Rocky" statue that the "City of Brotherly Love" is famous for.
  As each McMahon-owned organization approached the passenger of the 2 limos that pulled upto the First Union Center, they were disapointed to see that The Rock wasn't in either limo. The first one, Shane and Stephanie watched Kanyon jump out; as Vince watched a WWE official come out of the other, asking him to explain the directions he wrote to bring the great one to the arena.
  Finally, the family laking Kurt Angle's i for intelligence, came to their senses to welcome The Rock back where it was appropiate to welcome back a wrestler, the ring. In all anticipation to see what organization of sports entertainment The Rock will allign himself with, Shane and Vince went back and forth trying to downplay the other: Shane stating not to trust Vince as he screwed the Rock on numerous past occasions, while Vince didn't make his famous "guarentee", he did promise to do what was good for business- regardless if it was a favorable decision for The people's Champion or not.
  As everyone waited patiently for The Rock to publicly make his decision, Rocky gave Vince McMahon a Rock Bottom. "Nooooooooooooooooo! Rocky, what have you done!" Everyone at that moment must have thought he joined the Alliance. Then after Shane finished celebrating around the ring and shook The Rock's hand for making the "right decision", The Rock gave Shane a Rock Bottom for good measure. Well Vince said give the people what they wanted to see- and did he deliver it in a thunderous fashion. Now, you're still wondering what the most electrifying man in sports entertainment today has decided to wrestle for, right? Well he followed his second Rock Bottom with what,else? The most electrifying move in sports entertainment- The People's Elbow- to deliver on Shane McMahon. Now is the time J.R.posed the proper question for the night- "What is the Rock's decision?" with that said The Rock said "Finally, The Rock has come back ..." Now those in attendance live in Philly learned a valuable lesson Monday, never finish a person's catch phrase unless you are without a shadow of a doubt possitively sure what he is going to say. As everyone in attendance incorrectly said " Philadelphia" to finish the Rock's quote, he finished with "...The WWE" Then his last words of the evening were correctly stated by the crowd behind The Rock and they were "If you smeeeeeeeell-l-l-l-l what The Rock is cooking"

* For those readers who live in Phialadelphia, please ignore this footnote. In case you people don't  know that much about Philadelphia, you may have misconceptions where the Rocky statue is located. I assume most of you have watched one of the Rocky Films by now- and I hate to tell you some disappointing news but here it goes. Contrary to popular belief but the rocky statue is not permantly situated at the Art Museum. It is located 5 miles from the site where it was in the movie at The First Union Spectrum- Right next to The First Union Center. If you are touring from out of state and visit other most famous sites like The Betsy Ross House, Independence Mall or The Gallery, walk down to Broad Street(no more than 10 short streets away) and enter the Broad Street Subway(orange line)going southbound to the end of the line. Its nomore than a 10-15 minute ride.
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