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Page updated August 18,2K1 2:45 p.m.
SMACKDOWN! Gets a New Look
  If you missed the first live SMACKDOWN! in WWE history, you missed the new look that it has. A new logo to begin with. It also features a new stage area that lost the ovaltron for a PPV screen look, two screens inbetween the dome entrance area. The colors remain the same, but the Smackdown! logo is in a box with down underneath Smack. There was a couple of new events, a lights out match and the first Stone Cold Invitational. Now that Smackdown! is being broadcast live,  it means that both major televised programs are now live. I like the new look. It still is the Rock's show, but The Rock now can say..."Finally, The Rock Has Come Back to{enter a city to finish his statement},Live.  Also, there are two small screens on the bottom left-hand corner, the top one displays the superstar who enters the ring and title information, while the lower box shows the entrance video.
  Don't forget to watch Smackdown! now live on Thursdays at 8p.m. Check your local listings for the station that carries it in your area.
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