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UPN 57 In Philadelphia Will Not Air Smackdown on Tuesday
  I'm sure you have seen all the advertisements by now and have been preety much prepared to watch the one-time only airing of Smackdown on Tuesday night at 8 p.m. The live airing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada will take place as scheduled, only one problem persists for those in the Philadelphia area, like myself included; The Philadelphia Phillies-New York Mets have already been commited to air at 7pm Tuesday night. Therefore UPN 57,WPSG in Philadelphia, the affiliate that carries the UPN line-up, will be taping the event when it airs tonight, and broadcast it on Smackdown's regurally scheduled night and time, which is Thursdays at 8 p.m. eastern.
 With that said, first let me go on the record as saying this is all factual as I received an e-mail from UPN 57 today stating that this is their schedule this week. Now, I know all of you that visit this site aren't from Philly. Therefore, the results from this weeks Smackdown will not be updated until Friday morning,Saturday at the latest as I will not be able to report anything until I have watched the tape. In fact, here is the essance of that e-mail that they did send me:
We will NOT be airing Smackdown tonight. We will air Phillies vs. Mets
WWE Smackdown WILL be seen on its usual night - Thursday at 8pm. UPN
Network added tonight's Smackdown at the last minute, and we already had the
Phillies game commited. We will be taping tonight's broadcast and airing it

My appologies are to everybody because when your local viewing area changes a schedule, it affects us all. The website for UPN 57 is
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