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Austin vs. The nWo
  As the world should already know, DTA{don't trust Austin} should be introduced to the nWo. Hall, Nash & Hogan's first person on their agenda was Stone Cold Steve Austin. The folowing is the history of Austin and the nWo as it starts at No Way Out.

Page updated February 25,2K2 9:38
    As Raw kicked off just 24 hrs. after No Way Out, Stone Cold Steve Austin made a beeline for the ring with one thing on his mind- revenge. His revenge wasn't aimed for Y2J Chris Jericho, who retained his title over Austin the prior night, but as he would call "3 pieces of trash" of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan; the nWo. Austin starts refreshing everybody's memory by what these men did to Austin at No Way Out, which was cost him the one thing he covets the most and that is his obsession with the WWE Title.

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