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Triple H & Stephanie's Marriage Over!
  By now I'm sure you have watched Raw on Monday and witnessed the breakup of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Well, it couldn't happen to a more deserving person in the world. Vince McMahon, the father of  the soon to be ex-Mrs. Triple H, wasn't sure if he wanted to walk his daughter down the isle to renew their vows. He finally agrees and right before they were to go through with it, Linda McMahon makes a phone call to Triple H to inform to him Stephanie really isn't pregnant as she has him believe she is. In fact, Linda sent Triple H a tape of his wife's acting to be pregnant and paid an actor to play her doctor.
  Right before they were to renew their vows Triple H interrupts stating he knew she was lying, and threw Stephanie down and hit Vince with an unforgettable pedigree to the boss and his father-in-law to seal the proceedings of the couples soon to be divorce proceedings. With that Smackdown  went of the air and a Valentine's day spoiled for TV's most dysfunctional couple.

 Chris Jericho Is the First Undisputed Champion
   Remember the date: December 16,2001; the date the WWE unified The WWE Title and the World Title to name the first ever Undisputed Champion. Y2J accomplished this feat over 2 of the biggest names in the WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night to secure his spot in history. The trivia question's answer, we of course now know, but what is the question? The questions are who did Jericho defeat to win the undisputed Championship and which for each title. The answer to the first question is answered above, but the second question is going to be addressed now.
  In the first match, The Rock entered Vengence as The World Champion, which is the former WCW championship which was changed to the World Championship after the Survivor Series when The WWE defeated The Alliance to exist as the surviving entity. Jericho lost the World championship just prior to the Survivor Series so this could be called the rematch. In winning the World Championship, Jericho guaranteed himself a shot at being the first undisputed champion ever crowned by facing Stone Cold Steve Austin, who suseccfully defended the WWE Title against Kurt Angle earlier in the night. Austin lost the title mainly with Mr.McMahon's interference, but nonetheless, Jericho will still be the first undisputed champion no matter how you look at it. He now claims to be larger than life, living legend and there's no disclaiming him that. First beating the two biggest names in sports entertainment today on the same night and going through all of his prior accomplishments, he has every reason to boast like he does. He, along with The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and The Game Triple H, are the only three to hold in their WWE careers the Intercontinental Championship, The European Championship, The Tag Team Title, and The World Wrestling Federation Championship. His Claim to the living legend that he calls himself is even personified more when you also add in the Hardcore Championship he has also captured. The Grand Slam Championships in a career is one thing, But neither Triple H or Shawn Michaels ever won The Hardcore Championship or The WCW{World} Championship. Like it or not you have to credit his accomplishments for what they stand for.