Results For February 10,2K3
February10,2K3- Los Angeles,CA
"Conflicted" Match- vs. Jeff Hardy
 Before the match started, "Good Ol' J.R." was fired by Eric Bischoff for the fact that Stone Cold Steve Austin wasn't signed for No Way Out for the Raw Roster. Y2J goes to Eric Bischoff but he is to concerned with the chairman of the board en route to the Staple Center, so he asks for a match with Jeff Hardy for his attack on his runnin' buddy Christian with Chief Morley. Morley grants the match and Y2J says he won't be disapointed.

    Jeff Hardy passes HBK on the way to ring and smiles at him. The Match is called by Jerry The King Lawler and The Coach, Jonathan Coachman. The match starts off with counter wrestling until Jericho slaps the taste out of Jeff Hardy's mouth, which inspires him to connect with an arm drag and a big back bodydrop. The King refers to J.R.'s reference to Jeff Hardy as conflicted over the past couple of weeks and hence the nickname of this match. Hardy covers Jericho for a one-count as Jerry The King Lawler is gettting the definition of conflicted from The Coach. Jericho slows down the pace of the match after being whipped to the ropes and hanging on, he hits a running forearm and tosses Jeff over the top rope. Y2J mocks Hogan then attempts a springboard dropkick which Jeff ducks and follows up with an asai moonsault to Jericho on the floor below. Jeff Hardy rolls Jericho in the ring for a near fall. Jericho is whipped to the ropes and leaps on to the second turnbuckle with the cat-like agility he possesses, unfortunate for The Larger Than Life King Of The World he his met with a dropkick while leaping of by Jeff. Jeff attempts a corkscrew moonsault but Jericho puses referee Earl Hebner into the ropes and causes Jeff to loose his balance. The King calls that conflicted and The Coach begs Lawler to get off conflicted, only The King rebutals by saying Jeff needs to get off the turnbuckle. He will eventually as Jericho pleads his innocence to Earl Hebner and climbs to the top rope and executes the double underhook suplex to Jeff Hardy for a two-count. The King refers to him now as double conflicted. After two backbreakers, Jericho applies a submission manuver to Jeff Hardy, bridiging him over his knees andshoving one of his palms under his chin.

   Reversal city comes up next as Jeff reverses a back drop into a sunsetflip; Jericho rolls through that into a Walls Of Jericho attempt which is thwarted into a small package for a two-count. Jericho quickly gets up and delivers a clothesline and Bret Hart's the match by methodically slowing down the match with a reverse chinlock. After getting up, Jeff quickens the match by sidestepping a charging Jericho, causing him to crash into thje ringpost, connecting with a flying forearm and connecting with two high-impact moves; first a jawbreaker followed by a reverse neckbreaker which gains him a two-count. Jericho regains control with an enziguri and covers Jeff for a near fall. Jericho whips Hardy around the ring until Jeff hits a corkscrew moonsault of the top rope for a near fall. The two men battle for control until Jericho grabs the referee and shoves him, enableing Y2J to apply the Walls Of Jericho on Jeff but Jeff Hardy reaches the ropes causing for a clean break. Jericho is sent off the top rope with an arm drag and Jeff connects with the swanton bomb. Y2J is to close to the ropes and puts his foot on it saving him in the match. The King says no wonder he is conflicted, it's been one disapointment after another refering to the near misses in winning this match. Jeff's attempted hurricanrana is countered into The Walls of Jericho; the 3rd time is the charm as Jeff taps out after Y2J pulls him back to the center of the ring when he was a matter of inches away from the ropes. Jerry's final conflicted reference is now  there's no telling how conflicted Jeff Hardy will be as the match was a match of inches.