Results For January 5,2K4
January 5,2K4-Memphis, TN

 Christian just came from Theodore Long's offiice as he was appoined acting General Manager for Mark Henry's Survivor Series favor and with Austin running around calling himself the Sherriff of Raw, ERic thought it be a good idea taking the night off. CHristian aapproaches Chris Jericho for a tag-team partner and appologizes for the things that happened last week. Jericho responds with the world needs an injection of Vitamin C.

 Christian starts off with Rosey but cant't muster anything offensively. A baseball slide after being whipped to the ropes results in a hard clothesline from Rosey after attempting a kick that was caught. Rosey tags in The Hurricanewhich both men hip tos Christisan and Rosey hip tosses The Hurricane onto Christian after bouncing off the ropes, allowing The Hurricane to gain a near fall on the exchange. Christian pounds The Hurricane and tags in Y2J, who charges into The Hurricane but is met with a clothesline followed by an atomic drop. The Hurricane decides to bounce off the ropes but this decision was unwise as Jericho hits a spinning wheel kick and beats him inthe corner. Jericho whips the super hero to the other corner but is met with a reverse elbow upon charging in and a neckbreaker after leaping from the second turnbuckle. Hurricane tries a roundhouse kick which misses and Jericho pushes him to the ropes. Christian is standing there and is met with a forearm and Y2J whips Hurricane back to the ropes, this time Christian low bridges the middle rope and down to the floor goes the bad weather man. Jericho goes out and brings in the super hero and nails a delayed back suplex and tags in Christian. Christian snapmares Hurricane and goes into a front facelock. The referee didn't see Rosey tag in and prevents him from coming in allowing The C men to double team Hurricane in their corner.
Jericho and Christian then exchange quick tags and Christian and Jericho try to double back drop the superhero, only to have it countered into a double ddt.

 Rosey receives a tag and runs through both Christian and Y2J with clotheslines, followed by a bodyslam on Y2J and a samoan drop after Christian bounces off the ropes. Rosey covers Christian and Chris Jericho breaks up the pin attempt. Both men try a double clothesline on Rosey but Rosey rolls under and delivers a connecting doube clothesline to The C Men. Jericho charges at Rosey and is thrown over the top rope where The Hurricane flies of the top turnbuckle and connects with a cross body. Rosey and Christian are left in the ring and Rosey utulises a bear hug slam for a two count as Christian was too close to the ropes and placed his foot on the bottom string. Christian tries to whip Rosey but he is to big to move so Christian is sent to the corner. Y2J moves him before Rosey can connect a shoulderblock and crashes into the ring post. Christian delivers An Unpreetier to gain the pin.