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July 21,2K3- Los Angeles,CA
HBK vs. Y2J II

 In a rematch from WrestleMania, Y2J battles HBK. Both men start the match with classic counter wrestling, HBK counters out of Y2J's armbar into a headscissors, which is countered into a front facelock. HBK then counters into a hammerlock and Y2J reverses it untill Shawn runs in circles causing Jericho to go through the middle ropes and onto the floor. When Y2J enters th ring, he applies a side headlock whis is countered into a test of strength via the overhand wristlock. Jericho soon applies the side headlock again and holds on when Shawn tries to whip him to the ropes and sits on the mat. HBK escapes with a back toss and Jericho rolls to his feet, to which Jericho applies a third side headlock in the contest in which this time HBK is sucessful to whip Y2J to the ropes until Jericho connects with a shoulder tackle. Upon the next bounce off the ropes  HBK attempts a leap frog to the invisible grapler {Jericho held onto the ropes} allowing Y2J to hit HBK with a right hand and Jericho whips Shawn to the ropes, this time Y2J tries to backdrop Shawn but Shawn grabs on to Jericho on the way down, attempts a sunset flip, and is countered by Y2J for a pin attempt when he drops to his knees on top of Shawn's shoulders. Each man would counter the pin fall twice at the two-count, Jericho would be in a Jacknife cover when Shawn lifts Jericho up and performs a backslide cover for a two-count.6 near falls on that xchange, 3 for each combatant. Jericho charges at HBK and is caught in a hip toss and a side headlock when he lands on the mat. Jericho rolls Shawn on his shoulders but Shawn rolls back into a side headlock.

   After getting up from the side headlock, Shawn connects a shoulder tackle on Y2J and bounces off the topes. Y2J falls to the mat so HBK woul have to leap over him but instead Shawn applies another side headlock to Y2J while on the mat, this time Y2J's whip to the ropes to escape scores a reverse elbow to the jaw of HBK. Y2J gains control with a backbreaker and three elbowdrops, all of which he applied after bouncing off the ropes and the third mocked HBK's; then covered HBK for a near fall. Shawn is thrown out of the ring and Y2J would use the spare time to mock Hogan and bring HBK back in with a suplex from the outside in. Y2J tries to toss Shawn Michaels over the top rope but Shawn tries to skin the cat until he sees Jericho to close to the ropes and attempts a head scissors to toss Y2J out. Y2J tosses HBK back to the apron and attempts a springboard cross body from the second rope and misses because Shawn lowbridged the top rope. HBK then springboards from the second rope and hits a twisting cross body on Jericho on the floor. HBK tosses Jericho in and connects a cross body from the top rope for a two-count. After a slugfeast controlled by Shawn, Jericho whips Shawn to the ropes as Flair comes down the ramp. HBK sees him, baseball slides under the bottom rope and connects with a right hand. HBK tries a hurricanrana on Jericho after being whipped to the ropes but Jericho catches the legs of Shawn and applies The Walls of Jericho on The Showstopper, we know about Shawn's back problems but we didn't expect an interruption for a commercial break.

 After the break Y2J has Shawn in a rear chinlock, so HBK got to the ropes to escape from the Walls Of Jericho applied before the commercial break, untimely at that. The Heartbreak Kid would get up and take Y2J to the corner, climb to the second turnbuckle and pummel Y2J until Y2J takes a double leg cary and sets Shawn down in the middle of the ring,  which Shawn lands a punch knocking Y2J down. Y2J would get up in the corner and Shawn charges but Y2J backdrops him over the top rope. Y2J takes a breather and occupies the referee, allowing Ric Flair to choke HBK with his jacket, and Jericho would ram HBK's back into the steel post on the outside of the rng. When Jericho returns to the ring he climbed to the top rope and delivers a flying reverse elbow to Shawn's chin, covering for a near fall. Jericho's whip of Shawn results in a missed clothesline attempt for Y2J and a connecting cross body for Shawn which results in a near fall. Y2J clothesline HBK and as he staggers around, Y2J tries an elbow off the top turnbuckle but Shawn dropkicks him as he decents.Jericho catches HBK after both men get up from the previous move and tries a tilt a whirl slam but HBK escapes and delivers a backbreaker to Y2J, and gets whipped to the ropes. HBK goes on fire after connecting with a flying forearm from the whip and nips up and delivers 2 clotheslines. Jericho is then sent to the corner and leaps on the second turnbuckle, his leap off is caught by HBK and tries to turn Jericho into his own Walls of Jericho but reverses it and catapaults Y2J into the top turnbuckle. Shawn rolls up Jericho for two and each man tries a maneuver from a rear waistlock but counters, until Jericho connects with a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Jericho gets up and hits a bulldog and follows for a lionsult but since HBK rolls out of the way, Y2J lands on his feet and delivers a clothesline instead and connects on the second attempt of the liondsault and Shawn kicks out twice at two. Shawn then whips Y2J to the corner and Chris catches Shawn coming in with a boot to the face but is caught by HBK in a powerslam coming out of the corner; kicking out at two and slowly gets to his feet. When Jericho gets control, he sends Shawn into the corner via the Irish whip and Shawn's momentum flips him upside down on the middle turnbuckle. Jericho attempts a back superplex but Shawn knocks Y2J off the top rope with three back elbows to the face. HBK turns around and connects with a flying elbowdrop from the top turnbuckle and tunes up the band for Sweet Chin Music and misses which allows Y2J to hit a low blow as the referee turned his head. Y2J brings in a steel chair, swats it at the referee, flees for his well being, and HBK hits his Sweet Chin Music to the chair and ricochets to Y2J's head and both men are down. Flair jumps on the apron and breaks the referees ten count, allowing Randy Orton to run down and connect Shawn Michaels with The RKO on a steel chair when Flair pulls the referee out of the ring after being pushed to the floor. Y2J would only score a two count because he was to weak to hook the leg. Jericho gets up and applies The Walls of Jericho near the corner, Shawn tries to get out using leg strength and allows Jericho to brace his head on the middle turnbuckle and move Shawn back towards the center of the ring. Shawn tries to crawl the length of the ring in the other direction an prior to reaching the ropes, Y2J brings Shawn back to the center of the ring and finally makes Shawn quit the match. Each man have a victory on each other, both matches were epic battles; they should be as both men mirror each other in size, athletic agility and egos. This match should be top ten in his career.