Results For June 23,2K3

June 23,2K3- New York,NY

  On  Jericho's Highlight Reel, his guest is Lance Storm. The video footage shows Stone Cold refering to Lance as a boring competetor. Lance opens out with a prepared statement. As Lance reads his the crew takes out the set of the hilight reel and Stone Cold interrupts that there is a match to take place. Jericho reminds that he beat both Austin and The Rock in the same night to become undisputed champion but Austin says to shut up. Austin says if there's one thing he can't stand more than a boring individual is a bitch. So Austin books a tag team match with Lance and Y2J with a team that is familiar with furniture moving- The Dudley Boyz.

    The match starts with all four competetors in the ring and the Canadian members Y2J and Lance Storm beat the Dudleys to the punch until Jericho attempts to Irish whip D-Von to Lance Storm,who Irish whips Bubba Ray towards Jericho, which is reversed by D-Von and Bubba Ray clotheslines a charging Jericho. D-Von then sends Storm into the corner wher Jericho is already standing leaning on the ropes and Bubba connect with an avalanche splash on Storm and quickly throws him over the top rope and D-Von sends Jericho wheeling to the floor with a  running clothesline. Bubba Ray brings Lance in the hard way with a hiplock over the top rope into the ring and delivers an elbow drop, which he quickly follows with a cover for a one-count. After Bubba pound on Lance in the corner, he whips him into the opposite corner and charges. Lance floats over Bubba but he clothesline Jericho as he aproaches from the apron and connects on Lance with a sidewalk slam for another near fall. Bubba's whip into the ropes is reversed and Jericho trips him from outside the ring which is followed by Lance connecting with a baseball slide dropkick.

 Jericho tags in and assaults Bubba Ray with an assortmemt of kicks punches and chokes until he leaps on the back of Bubba Ray. Jericho's first attempt of a back suplex is blocked but suceeds in the second attempt and tags Lance back in. The two double-team Bubba and Lance sends him for a ride to the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick and covers for a two-count. After a reverse chin lock, Lance sends Bubba to the ropes and Bubba reverses a backdrop attempt into a sunset flip for a two count, but storm quickluy connects with a reverse elbow and tags in Jericho. Y2J and Bubba exchance chops and Y2J is sent into the corner. Y2J attempts a bulldog aafter Buba tries a splash, but Bubba sets up a samoan drop, which Jericho initially counters into a roll up but follows with The Walls Of Jericho. D-Von delivers a forearm to break up the submission attmpt and Lance comes in to double-team as the referee escorts D-Von to his corner. Jericho makes the sound effect for a tag making Lance legal and covers Bubba for a near fall. Lance then applies a rear headlock and changes to a sleeper hold but Bubba's side suplex breaks the hold. Both teams makes tags and D-Von hits Jericho repeatedly and connects with a back bodydrop on Jericho. He goes on fire with a neckbreaker on Lance Storm, a powerslam on Y2J and a reverse neckbreaker from the second turnbuckle on Lance Storm as he was whipped to the corner but leaps on the middle turnbuckle. D-Von covers but Y2J breaks up the pinfall. Buba comes in and hits his bionic elbow on Y2J then the Dudleys flapjack Y2J after a ride to the ropes. Jericho rolls out of the ring and Bubba bodyslams Lance and D-Von delivers the wassup headbut from the top as the referee prevents Jericho from entering the ring. Bubba calls for  the tables as Y2J enters and sends Bubba over the top with a clothesline. Lance connects with a springboard clothesline as D-Von was setting up Y2J for a neckbreaker. Lance covers for the near fall, then Y2J and Storm attempt to double-team D-Von. D-Von kicks Storm in the chest, elevates Y2J over the top rope with a backdrop but Y2J lands on the apron and holds D-Von for Lance to connect with an avalanche splash but D-Von ducks and Storm connects with Jericho sending him to the floor. Bubba comes in and the DUdleyz connect with the 3-D and pin Lance Storm to win the match.