Results For May 26,2K3

May 26,2K3- Mobile,AL

 Y2J's guest on the highlight reel is Goldberg. Y2J announces that The Rock will be next weeks guest. Y2J says the reason he orchestrated the mishap with the car incident  is that no one wants Goldberg in the WWE, especially Y2J. Jericho goes on to say he took Goldberg under his wing in WCW and saw that the bigger the star Goldberg became, the bigger his ego became. Y2J went on to state that he wanted a match with Goldberg to prove he was more charismatic and talented than Goldberg but was never granted a match  because Jericho wasn't a big enough name back then. He then elaborates that Y2J left WCW for the WWE so he could become a big-name showman. He said he became the first undisputed champion in WWE history {true 1 googolplex percent} and the most charismatic showman in the WWE today. Y2J said he wanted and worked harder than Goldberg in WCW. Chris then challenges Goldberg for a match, but he tells the assclowns at Mobile he wants the match at Bad Blood instead of here tonight. He goes on to say that if there isn't any more bad blood between 2 people it is with Goldberg and Jericho. Jericho has waited 5 years for this and emphasizes to Goldberg that he will "tattoo his name to Goldberg's pea brain and will never, ever underestimate Y2J again.

 Goldberg then enters the ring and Jericho runs out of the ring. Goldberg asks Y2J to make millions happy and put him out of his misery. Y2J says  not until Goldberg accepts his challenge and Goldberg says that is all this is for. Goldberg then warns him what to ask for and calls him an ass. Jericho rebuttals with proclaiming that Goldberg has the audacity to call him an ass in the middle of his show. Y2J then warns Goldberg that he will come in the ring to beat him out of it only to second guess that notion and say maybe he wont. Goldberg beals Jericho into the ring and readies himself to execute the spear. Y2J finally rises to his feet but sprays a chemical in Goldberg's eyes and hits Goldberg with a spear and runs out of Mobile.