Thank You WWE
 As a nation who just been struck by a series of terrorist attacks approximately 60 hrs. prior, Vincent K. McMahon, as you know is the chairman of the WWE, followed the president's wishes for Americans to start to get on with their everyday lives, carried out their scheduled show on Thursday night of the 13th of September, with a special presentation of Smackdown on its reguraly scheduled night. In fact, it was almost business as usual for the WWE- which it was President Bush's wish so the terrorists' plot didn't suceed as to planned. Don't get me wrong that  what happened in New York and Washington D.C. isn't an event that should be treated lightly but Vince's speech at the opening of Smackdown was very inspiring to me for one, but I'm sure you who reads this story as well will agree.

 As Smackdown kicked off live from the Compaq Center in Houston,Texas, Vince addressed the live audience and those watching at home stating in his address that the citizens of Houston, the citizins of Texas and the citizens of the United States of America are not afraid and won't live our lives in fear. Then Lillian Garcia, who resides in New York City sang the National Anthem and afterwards the fans in attendance chanted U.S.A., U.S.A.

  Lastly, I like to thank the wrestlers that aren't even U.S. born and/or citizens of the U.S. who during the live broadcast, gave their own condollences to the victims' families. Stars like Edge(Adam Copeland), Lance Storm, and Especially Chris Jericho, who are all Canadian, but despite what nationality they are, to give their heart-felt feelings expressed on the show to comfort the fans, the Country as a whole, and the families immediately involved to help with the heeling process of the loss of their loved ones. I know I would do the same to them if Canada was hit with the same type of thing we are going through as a nation. I also feel for Tazz, who hails from the Red Hook section of New York City and all the other performers and personnel of the WWE who knew people close to them that was involved in the World Trade Center(WTC) attack, the attack on the Pentagon, or passengers abord the 4 jets that were hijacked and used in this horrible act. My thoughts go to all involved and my thanks to the WWE, and Jim Ross and Paul Heyman for an excellent show and presentation Thursday night and excellent commentary despite of what we are trying to get past and on with our lives.