My 100 Top Y2J Moments
Throughout the 5 years Y2J has been in the WWE, Mr. Jericho has done a lot. 7-time Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, 3-Time Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion, 3-time World Champion {unoicially of course the Jerichoholics know the true story of April 17,2K in State College,PA} Listed below are my top Y2J moments. The personal favorites are the top choices.
007)-Hilight Reel debut night after Backlashj
006)-Tag team Championship with Chris Benoit against Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin
005)-Dirty, disgusting, brutal, bottom-feeding trash bag ho.
005)- Smackdown April 13,2K in a match vs. X-Pac & The Road Dogg. Pre match comment referring Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley as a bargain basement slut and a filty, dirty, disgusting, skanky, brutal, bottom-feeding trash bag ho.
004)-Mr.Roboto- Need I say more? The trash talking
003)-#1 contender interview with Mitchell Cole Remember the Do you Smmmell What Y2J is Cooking.
002)- Debut in Chicago- August 9,1999. Y2J interrupts The Rock and talks toe to toe with The Brama Bull.
001)-December 9,2001- Finally, Y2J wins the WWE title; officially.