I- Quit Is Jericho-The Tour Page
Hello visitor and welcome to: I-Quit Is Jericho! We all know that Jericho is no quitter,but he makes his opponets quit with his patented signature move,"The Walls of Jericho". You will find in your travels through My Jericho Website,dubbed"I-Quit.com", is commentary on his recent matches, news and happenings around wrestling,Favorite Jericho quotes-but not limited to Jericho- and perhaps more useless information that your mind can't really use.
  In all,I think you will entertain yourself with what I have to say,because once you enter this website, you will never,e.e.e.e.e.e.ever be the same Jerichoholic ágain!
new- Larger Than Life page- detail about why Y2J is referred to as the Larger Than Life Living Legend.
new- Poll on favorite Wrestler;remember what this site is about.
new- Gameshow Pages- for the fan of gameshows showing on Gameshow Network.
new- Fozzy Page up and running. A page dedicated to the rock-n-rolla music that is Chris Jericho. Fozz Man