Unforgiven 2K1
September 23,2K1- Pittsburgh,PA

Hardcore Championship Match RVD vs. Y2J
  The chant by initial hardcore title match. The before match bit had Stephanie asking RVD to defeat Y2J for her birthday wish, Y2J asked her how old she will be. He asked Stephanie if she will be 37 or 38 Stephanie answers she'll be 25. Y2J snickers at that and rebuttals that he asked how old not how many men she's been with this week. Y2J goes on to say he'll bring the cake and the balloons, but he said that Stephanie has the balloons covered. He then wishes her the breast of luck, sweet cheeks and departs for his match.

   The match begins as both men countering and reversing basic wrestling maneuvers until both men try to drop kick each other and neither connecting. The audience in Pittsburgh applauds both combatants for their work.

 Stephanie comes out to try to stop Y2J from using the chair on RVD and distracts Y2J long enough for RVD to connect with the VanDaminator and the five star frog splash to maintain the Hardcore Championship.