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09/10/2K2 16:00edt
 For all those fans of the 80's game show phenomenon Press Ypur Luck, hosted by Peter Tomarken; and wanting it to come back for another run, well this is the game for you. Todd Newton stands in and tries to tame those whammies in the hottest new game show in quite some time. It's Whammy!The All New Press Your Luck. If you are familliar with the old version, there has only been minor and insignifficant changes to the game play. If you have never seen the old game, click here. In Whammy, instead of 2 question and answer sessions, there is only 1 consisting of 5 questions. The first round the contestants may "press their luck" as many times as they wish; as long as they don't land on a whammy. If a contestant lands on a whammy in the first round, they are knocked out of the rest of the round. A player may freeze at anytime and protect their score for the final round. They can't, however, pass their spins in this round as there isn't any predetermined quantity of spins in their posession. The Q&A round is where they earn spins for the final round. A buzz in answer merits three spins for the contestant, however a multiple choice answer will only merit one spin. The person in the lead at the end of the first round goes last. The player with the least amount of money goes first. The object is to have the most money at the end of the game, as only that person can take home what they accumulated during the game. In the final round, there are double whammies. No, this does not mean the contestant picks up two whammies, but the whammy plays with the contestant by droping a surprize from above on the player. If a contestant lands on four pesky little whammies during the game, they are eliminated from the game. Todd Newton brings an energetic performance into this version, not saying Peter Tomarken couldn't do an equally superb job; but his charisma is one of the shows best qualities and uniquely gives Whammy a high rating on a nightly basis.

 †Peter Tomarken's version ran on CBS from '84-86 and had a few different procedures. The game started with a question round of four questions. The spin rewards for answering correctly stayed the same. However, there was a spin round immediately following each questiion round and a player could get more than 1 whammy in the first round and could pass their remaning spins in both rounds. The 4 whammies and the player was eliminated from the game was in effect in this version as well. The champion could return for a maximum of $25,000 until the limit was increased to $50,000 or 5 days. The amount over was awarded to the champion as that was only sensible thing to do. In the new version, there is no returning champion and a player is less likely to land on 4 whammies in the game as the origional Press Your Luck had a maximum of 24 total spins a player could collect during the question rounds, while Whammy only allows a maximum of 15 and limits the player to only 1 whammy in the first round.
Don't forget to vote on both polls, there's one to see who tames the whammy the best.

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