Win Tuition by leftyquit
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  Hosted by Marc Summers{most notable of Double Dare on Nickelodion} is a production by former Happy Days star Henry Winkler. The game is a quiz of school, each question is grade level appropiate or about the grade level the material is taught in school. The 1st 4 grades trere's 1 question asked and in order to give an aswer, the contestant must buzz in. A correct response merits them with 100 points; which in turn answering incorrectly will cost them the 100 points.The 5th grade is a group participation grade where all the players answer heir respective question in order of their score upto that point. Player in the lead goes first and so on. Middle school is a question with multiple correct answers. 6th & 7th  grades have 4 correct answers and 8th grade has 7. Each correct answer is worth 250 points, and buzzing in 1st allows that person at least the chance to score twice. An incorrect answer in this round locks that contestant out of the grade. The lowest score after 8th grade must clean out their locker and eliminates them from the game. 9th through 12th grades the questions are worth 500 points and the contestant may choose to pass the question to their opponent once by cutting class. This round, an incorrect answer will cost the player 500 points as well. After 12th grade, there is a showdown to see who goes on to play for the chance to win $50,000 towards tuition. One wrong answer el;iminates the player from the round and the one with the most points by the end of this round is the winner. In the bonus round, the contestant has 60 seconds to give 10 correct answers in a variable array of subjects.  Out of the origionals offered by Game Show Network, this is one of their best offerings to date with Russian Roulette & Lingo.