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This is your paty host's rock band secion known as Fozzy. When the band debuted in MM{2000 for those not proficient in roman numerals} it was dubbed as Chris  Jericho's favorite band. Did any of the Jerichoholics and Fozzyholics realize that the lead singer; Moongoose McQueen; remarkably resemble Y2J Chris Jericho? Coincidence, you may ask? To the trained Jerichoholic eye who has studied his career with a fine-toothed comb would know Y2J when you see him. Actually, I have been informed by a employee at my local Tower Records store, that while in WCW, Y2J- then exclusively known as only Chris Jericho- went under the moniler of Moongoose McQueen. Historical indeed; but have you noticed on the albums themselves a bit of interesting input, info, archeological findings; if you may, that there has only ben one album in which Chris Jericho's name has appeared. If you guessed the latest release of All That Remains, then you are a winner. If not, well in the words of the late Don Adams, as agent #86 Maxwell Smart, "missed it by that much." More to follow in the near future.

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