January 6,2K3- from Austin,TX
Chris Jericho vs, Booker T
 Chris Jericho & Booker T face off in a one-on-one match in this match as  these two men have become bitter rivals for quite some time. The match starts off with Booker T gaining the early advantage with a few european uppercuts, a pair of chops, then following up with a reverse elbow to the face. Booker whips Y2J into the corner after backing him into the opposite corner, but charges into the reverse elbow of Jericho and then a clothesline. Y2J then bounces Booker T's head off the turnbuckle and delivers some chops until Booker T reverses Jericho's irish whip. Jericho catches Booker T with a boot, and climbs to the second turnbuckle to deliver a double sledge hammer to Booker but is countered with a fist to the gut as Jericho leaps off. After a suplex and a two-count by Booker T, Book connects with a sidewalk slam and another two-count. Booker is then sent into the ropes and Y2J sets up a back body drop too early as Booker T kicks him in the face and goes for a scissors kick but is hung up on the top rope when Jericho moves out of the way. Jericho then takes advantage of the situation by executing a springboard drop kick to knock Booker T off and to the outside of the ring. Jericho connects with a flying elbow to the face of Booker T after bringing him back to the ring and gets a near fall with it. Jericho goes right into a rear chinlock and Booker gets up and Jericho takes him down by the hair. Then Y2J climbs to the second turnbuckle and delivers a flying ax handle to the abdomen of Booker T and gets a two-count. Y2J uses a back suplex as a follow up and climbs to the top but Booker T catches him and connects with a superplex. The referee gets a five count before Y2J gets up and after some counters by Booker T, Y2J whips him to the ropes only to get hit with a diving forearm smash and a clothesline. Booker T connects with a flapjack but gets only a two-count. Jericho reverses Booker T's irish whip to the corner but Booker T leaps over a charing Y2J and rolls him up only for Y2J to roll through it and into the Walls of Jericho. Booker T is too close to the ropes however and forces the ref to break the hold. Jericho argues with the ref and allows Booker T to get a couple blows in and climbs to the top and connect with a missle dropkick for another near fall. Jericho reverses Booker T into an irish whip of his own but his dropkick catches nothing as Booker T holds onto the ropes and catapaults Y2J into the turnbuckle head-first and connects with ascissors kick to the back of Y2J's head. Booker T's spinarooni is preveted by a bulldog and the attempted lionsault was countered by rolling out of the way as Y2J lands on his feet. Booker T gets Jericho in the face with a leg clothesline and goes for another scissors kick but Christian runs down to the apron. Booker T knocks Christian, Y2J's tag partner to the floor, which allows Y2J to attempt another Walls of Jericho. Booker T counters with an inside cradle for the nearest of near falls. As Y2J is busy with the referee, Christian holds Booker T to the ropes until Goldust runs down and frees him. Booker T connects with another scissors kick and as referee Nick Patrick start to administer the count, Eric Bischoff's chief-of-staff Sean Worley announces this match is over due to Christian and Goldust wanting to get involved in the singles match and ends in a no contest. The match is then restarted as a tag team title match between Y2J and Christian vs. Booker T & Goldust.
Tag Team Title Match
 As a result of the tag team partners of Y2J & Booker T involvement in the single match, Chief Morley  decided to book the restart as a World Tag Team Title Match.
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