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August 25,2K3-Tuscon,AZ

     The Highlight Reel's scheduled guest is Linda McMahon, the CEO of the WWE.At the end of the segment Vince makes the match for tonight Shane vs. Y2J. Y2J starts off with unaired footage from Raw last week where Eric Bischoff visited Linda McMahon at her home.

 Chris Jericho vs. Shane McMahon
The match starts off with Shane mounting Y2J then backdropping Y2J after sending him for a ride to the ropes. Jericho gains control shortly thereafter with a knife edge chop and a reverse elbow. Y2J is reversed into the ropes and kicks Shane when he sets up to early but consequently sent over the top rope with a backdrop as he charges Shane. Shane hits a clothesline after running of the steel ring steps and sets up Y2J over the ring bell table but Kane's enterance music goes of as a diversion allowing Y2J to recover and enter the ring. The commercial break is next; which is rediculous in my honest opinion that they go to a commercial break before the match and like 5 minutes later go to another. Here's an idea, complete the match before taking another break, eh.

  We return to the action after the untimely commercial break with Y2J in control of Shane, punching him unrelentlessly until he backs him into a corner and Flairs him a few times.Jericho's whip to the opposite corner is reversed but Y2J leaps onto the second turnbuckle. Jericho is met with a dropkick upon his decent and Shane follows with a DDT and a two-count. Shane is right back on the offensive with a flying reverse elbow off the irish whip, then jukes and jives with a trio of jabs before ending the combination with a clothesline. Shane covers Jerico but Y2J kicks out at 2. Shane send Jericho for another ride to the ropes but Jericho baseball slides between Shane's legs and scores with a leaping enziguri and a bulldog, but the attempted lionsault which follows up is countered with Shane O'Mac getting his knees up before Jericho's landing. Shane then bodyslams Y2J but before Shane can leap off the top rope Jericho pushes the referee Earl Hebner into the ropes and causes Shane to lose his balance. Y2J climbs to the top with Shane perched on the top and executes a superplex, which after the two hit the mat Kane's music goes off for the second time. Y2J and referee Earl Hebner look for safer ground as Kane chokeslams Shane and departs through the crowd. Shane follows shortly ending the match in a no contest. Shane finally finds Kane in the parking garage and Kane manhandles Shane O'Mac until he uncovers gasoline and pours it into a nearby dumpter. Shane attempts to bodyslam Shane but he slips out the backdoor and Shane superkicks {savate} Kane into the burning dumpsters.
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