Stats on Chris Jericho

Real Name: Chris Irvine
Height:  6'{1.83m}
Weight: 226 lbs.{105KG}
Home: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Birthdate: November 9,1970
Finishing Moves: The Lionsault, The Walls of Jericho, The Breakdown, The Codebreaker

  Famous Quotes: It will Never,E-E-E-E-E-EVER be the same again, Welcome to Raw Is Jericho, ...would you please "shut the hell up", I am the ayatollah of rock n' rolla, I am the larger than life, living legend, I am the King of the World.

   Titles held in the WWE: Intercontinental Title (8), European Title (1), Tag-Team Title (3),{with Chris Benoit (1) , The Rock (1) & with Christian (1)}, Hardcore Championship (1),WWE Title,World Title (2),{unofficially on April 20,2000 for 15 minutes‡}, World Heavyweight Title (3),Undisputed WWE Champion (1).
   Debut in WWE: August 9,1999 in Chicago on Raw Is War(Jericho).
                     Titles Won List
 Intercontinental Title:
1) December 12,1999 from Chyna {Fort Lauderdale,FL} to December 28,1999 {Richmond,VA} title stripped due to conflicting decisions from referees.
2) January 23,2000 from co-share with Chyna {New York,NY} to February 27,2000 to Kurt Angle {Hartford,CT}*
3) May 2,2000 from Chris Benoit {Richmond,VA} to May 8,2000 to Chris Benoit {Uniondale,NY}
4) January 28,2001 from Chris Benoit {New Orleans,LA} to  April 3,2001 to Triple H {Tulsa,OK}
5) September 16,2002 from Rob Van Dam {Denver,CO} to September 30,2002 to Kane {Houston,TX}
6) October 27,2003 from Rob Van Dam {Fayetteville,NC} to October 27,2003 to Rob Van Dam {Fayetteville,NC}‡‡‡
7) September 12, 2004 from Christian {Portland,OR} to October 19,2004 to Shelton Benjamin {Milwaukee,WI}
 European Title:
1) April 2,2000 from Kurt Angle in a 3-way match with Chris Benoit {Anaheim,CA} to April 3,2000 to Eddie Guerrero {Los Angeles,CA}
 Tag-Team Title:
1) with Chris Benoit- May 21,2001 from Two-Man Power Trip[Stone Cold Steve Austin & Triple H] {San Jose,CA} to June 19,2001 to The Dudley Boyz[Bubba Ray & D-Von] {Orlando,FL}
2) with The Rock- October 22,2001 from The Dudley Boyz[Bubba Ray & D-Von] {Kansas City,MO} to November 1,2001 to Booker T & Test {Cincinnati,OH}
3) with  Christian- October 14,2002 from Kane and The Hurricane {Montreal,Quebec, Canada}  to December 15,2002 to Booker T & Goldust {Fort Lauredale,FL}
 Hardcore Title:
1) May 28,2001 from The Big  Show {Calgary,Alberta Canada} to May 28,2001 to Rhyno {Calgary,Alberta Canada}
 WWE Title:
1) April 17,2000 from HHH {State College,PA}-April 17,2000{lost title on a technicality} {State College,PA}‡
2) December 9,2001 from Stone Cold Steve Austin {San Jose,CA} to March 17,2002 to Triple H  {Toronto,Ontario Canada}†
 WCW{World Title}
1) October 21 ,2001 from The Rock{St. Louis,MO}-November  ,2001 to The Rock{Uniondale,NY}
2)December 9,2001 from The Rock{San Jose,CA}-{unified with the WWE Title that night to become undisputed champion} to March 17,2002 to Triple H {Toronto,Ontario,Canada}
 Undisputed Title
1)December 9,2001 from Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock {San Jose, CA} to March 17,2002 to Triple H {Toronto,Ontario,Canada}‡‡

*Jericho's 2nd Title reign started on January 3,2000 in Miami,FL When he co-held the Title with Chyna on a stipulation    that either Chyna or Jericho lost the match, they both lost the title.
†First ever undisputed WWE champion.
‡Unoficially won WWE Title but was stripped of the Title 15 minutes later.
‡‡ Due to Brock Lesner's exclusive contract to Smackdown on August 26,2002; the undisputed title is once again only the WWE Championship.
‡‡‡ Stone Cold Steve Austin demanded a rematch take place immediately in a steel
cage match with no interference due to the controversial decision.        
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